ESA Electronic Engineering
Aux 03 Change alarm relay output contact

C7d1/C7c1 = Relay Open with alarm and with autoreset
C7b1/C7a1 = Relay open with alarm and with memory
C7d2/C7c2 = Relay Closed with alarm and with autoreset
C7b2/C7a2 = Relay Closed with alarm and with memory
Aux 04 Cycle stops for low dP
C1b = Pause low dP: Stop at the end of cycle C1c = Pause low dP: instantaneous Stop
Aux 05 Additional cycles management by dP reading or contact

D1b = Additional cycles management by dP reading
D1a=3IN = Additional cycles management by closed contact on 3rd Input (Terminal 16-17) NOT AVAILABLE FOR MODEL LC
D1a-> D5 = Additional cycles management by contact instead of D5 (Terminal 12-13)
Aux 08 Electric control on solenoid valve

B8/B9 OFF = B8 - B9 excluded
B8 ON = B8 active - B9 excluded
B9 ON = B8 excluded - B9 active
B8/B9 ON = B8 - B9 active

B8=In case of short circuit, the output is automatically skipped

B9=If a solenoid valve is not activated, the relay indicate the alarm condition
Aux 09 Threshold setup B8b
Threshold setup B8b (000 = Automatic)

The value to be set depends on the type of solenoid valves and the output voltage. For more information contact our technical office
Aux 10 Control relay K1

A2 = Voltage presence on relay K1
A3 = Relay cycle On/Off on relay K1
Aux 11 Keypad lock

0 = Keypad lock off
1 = Keypad lock on

To avoid unintentionally changing of the set up parameters of the device, it is possible to lock the keyboard.
If the keyboard is locked, the display will shows LOCK (and MAN or AUTO alternatively in case of sequencer with digital dP control) or E10 depending on the sequencer model.
In SB and DB model the Led Ld22 is On with keybaord lock. To release the keyboard, contact the supplier.
Aux 13 Address assignment for RS485
Serial line RS485 for remote comunication of operating conditions (output activated, dP reading, TC reading, alarm conditions...) and to set the main operating parameters (pulse time, interval time, dP thresholds...). The serial line can be connected directly to PC or to RS485-ProfiBus converter.

Serial line features:
9600 bit/sec
No parity bit
1 stop bit