ESA Electronic Engineering
DFC/LFC/LFM is a device designed to maintain constant the pressure inside the collectors with suction opening through INVERTER.
If the suction openings BA are opened or closed for some manufactoring process requirements you may have a pressure variation in every single suction opening which is open.
In many plants, this pressure variation is dangerous for the same manufactoring process.
This inconvenient is removed by means of the suggested method composed by DFC/LFC/LFM and INVERTER.
Set 00 Multilanguage display
In Set up it is possible to select the language of all the descriptions showed by the display:

Set 01 Zero dP readout regulation
In this set up code it is possible to adjust the zero reading of differential pressure.
In this function the display shows the dP reading and, when the plant stops or air pipes are not connected, if the dP reading is not 0.00 kPa, it is possible to adjust it by key A and C.
Set 02 Set depressure value to stabilize
Set 03 Bandwidth without correction (C20 ± C21)
With depressure value in this band around the value that have to be stabilized, there is not correction.
Set 04 Correction factor
The set value modulate the amplitude of 4÷20 mA signal variation and the interval time between 2 corrections.

1 = min.
9 = max
Set 05 Maximum interval time between 2 corrections
Set 06 Minimum interval time between 2 corrections
Set 07 Interval time for the first correction
Set 08 Manul regulation of the output signal 4÷20 mA
Function to verify the fequency variation of the inverter: the output signal 4÷20 mA have to be close to the set value indicated by the display.