ESA Electronic Engineering
Set 01 Inputs from external contacts

0 = Inputs from external contacts Disabled
1 = Inputs from external contacts Enabled
Set 02 Input 2 function (14-15)

C6 : for connection to external pressure switch
d6 : for connection to remote START/STOP contact

If contact C6 is open, the cleaning cycle stops at the end of the whole cleaning cycle and the display shows 'P', which means stop for low dP.
If contact C6 is closed, the cleaning cycle restarts from the beginning.
NOTE C6: Use a jumper for C6 if it is not used with active inputs.

d6 = If contact D6 is open, the cleaning cycle is not enabled and the display shows 'OFF'.
With sequener with digital dP control the display shows 'OFF' and the dP reading alternatively.
By closing D6, the cleaning cycle can start from the first electrovalve.
NOTE D6: Link D6 clamps if it is not used with inputs from external contact active.
Set 03 Pulse time
Pulse time from 0.05 to 5.00 sec.
Set 04 Interval time
Interval time between ev. from 1 to 999 sec.
Set 05 Post-cleaning interval time
Interval time between ev. during post-cleaning from 1 to 999 sec.
Set 06 Number of additional cycles after fan stop
In automatic operation mode, it is possible to add a pre-set number of cleaning cycles after the fan stop. Their number can be set from 0 to 99 by keyboard.
The sequencer will automatically recognise the fan state by comparing the dP readout with the threshold in set code F11: dP > set F11 = fan on, dP < set F11 = fan off.
Post-cleaning cycles are activated even if dP = 0.
When the fan is off or dP < set F11, the display shows '-0-'.
On the display during additional cycles the decimal points blink.
Post-cleaning cycles are activated only if the dP readout should reach the threshold value of cycle STOP in normal operation mode.
Set 07 Number of cleaning solenoid valve selection
The selection of the number of outputs to be control led is connected by keyboard in SET MODE.
If you set 0 or AUTO in this function the sequencer will automatically select the connected loads by skipping the non connected ones.
Minimum load 5W ÷ 12 W depending on the output voltage.
If the load is below of the minimum, the autoselection does not work correctly, set the number of outputs in set up.
Set 08 Manual TEST of every single ev. from keyboard
From the keyboard you can manually and individually activate every single output for an operation test.
Press key C over and over again to activate outputs sequentially. The output is kept active as long as key C is held down and the display shows ON.
When key C is relesed, the number of the output will increase automatically to the next one.
The output is holded active for all the time that key C is pressed. It allows to measure the output voltage by using a tester.
In case of anomalous operating, do this test with electrovalves disconnected.
Set 09 Operation hour-counter
In Setup it is possible to visualize an hours counter.
This counter is active when the cleaning cycle in On. In case of fan stop, consent D6 not present or with the device in Setup the counter stops.
Set 16 Output voltage setup for ev.
Necessary for right operating of short-circuit protection of every single output
WARNING: set F08 (PB/BB) or F16 (PC/BC) to the same output voltage that has been selected by means of the jumpers to adjust the shortcircuit threshold. Otherwise, this might cause any malfunction or damage to the sequencer.